The Easy One

“A little more than takeaway, a little less than catering”

“The easy one” is a simply composed menu suited for a football match on TV, a game night, or similar small events. It consists of 3 dishes arranged on platters.

You can order the menu on the same day as the event, and it is available for anything from 6 to 25 people.

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3 dishes – 250 kr. per person.


(For snacks we offer smoked Sicilian nuts for DKK 20 per person)

Starter – choose between:

  • Manfred’s beef tartare with cress and rye bread crunch
  • Feel free to ask for a green starter

Main course – choose between:

  • Dish of the day
  • Green dish of the day

Dessert – choose between:

  • Manfred’s chocolate mousse made from Friis-Holm chocolate
  • Today’s dessert
  • Cheese, today’s selection